Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend In a Nutshell ~ October 26th - 28th

Friday I woke up to this...
The rest of the day was spent doing errands and catching up on life.
I did get to talk to my nephew Logan on Skype - which was the highlight of my day :)
Friday night was the usual shift at the boarding school - filled with hair braids and nail painting!
Saturday morning I had dance, and in the afternoon we had out Halloween Chiili Dinner Fundraiser!
It went really well and there was tonnes of people there!!
Saturday night Tally and I went to some friend's house for a Halloween party!
Sunday we slept in way too late, I got mad, made Tally go home, made cookies and chickened out of going for dinner with his parents.
I'm a terrible girlfriend. {sigh}
Hope you had a better weekend then me :(

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ShyScout said...

Eeep. Sorry about the fight with your man. Those cookies look fantastic though!!! Baking always makes me feel better, haha.