Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY ~ Kitty Ears

Halloween is a comin'!
I got to dress up on Saturday!
It was the dance studio's Chili Dinner & Show Fundraiser.
I went as a kitty and needed some ears.
What you need:
- cardboard
- black felt
-pink felt
- scissors
- glue gun
- headband
First cut out four matching triangles from the cardboard smaller than the size you want your ears to be.
Next, cut out 4 triangles from the black felt larger that your cardboard ones by 1/4 of in inch all around. Leave extra at the bottoms of the triangle.
Using your glue gun, glue a cardboard triangle inside two felt triangles NOT gluing along the bottom.
Cut out to small pink felt triangles and glue in the center of each of your ears.
Glue your ears onto the headband wrapping the extra felt around and securing underneath.

I present to you...


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Erica said...

So simple and cute! Meow! :)