Sunday, April 22, 2012

Etsy Love ~ Rugged Rugs

I am going to need a rug in my cabin.
This excites me. LOL
Is that weird?
I thought I was sold on getting a chevron one, but then I started browsing Etsy and saw all these lovely rugs.
Which rug do you think I should get??

4ft Handmade Mega Doily Rug

Round Rope Rug 2' Diameter Throw Rug or Wall Decor Nautical Decor

Woven area rug in a Modern and Classy black and white Chevron stripe in 4 ft by 6ft

Fantastic Danish Modern Starburst Rya Rug. 6 Feet x 4.5 Feet

Sunny Antique Kerman Persian Rug

Hand-knotted, hand-dyed Tibetan Wool Rug - Double Dorje Design

I already have a beautiful hand pulled rug from Tuckey I bought while I was there.
But it was too expensive to have it on the grouund, so I hang it as a wall hanging. :)

So help me out here peeps...


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sschmidt44 said...

I like the first and the last pictures