Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY ~ Who Wears Short Shorts?

As we all know I am trying to spring clean and get ready for the big garage sale coming up soon.
I had to get rid of some jeans and I thought "I should make my faves into shorts".
I have two pairs of jeans I have had since 2001.
I adore them and they are so worn and comfy.
But they are gross at the bottom and are a weird old cut...
so why not upcycle them???
First get a pair of shorts that you love the legth of.
Match it up and cut to the length you want.

The first pair I just cut and made some major holes in.
Second pair I added some pretty lace to "countrify them".

Just pin the lace in place around the leg holes on the inside of the short leg. I tapered mine in the center cause I know the lace would bug me on the inside of my thighs.
Then sew!
After, wash your shorts and dry them in your dryer.
This will fray they edges a bit.
Cute eh?
I think so.


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