Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY ~ To the Maxi

I love maxi skirts in the summer.
This is a total new thing for me.
Most of my adult life I have not worn skirts or dresses, but I am starting to change my mind a little.
Last summer I made THIS dress, and I have been hooked since.
I am clearly dreaming of an early summer, and I saw tonnes of maxi skirts/dress pins on Pinterest.
Here is the one I made.
STEP 1: Wash, dry, and iron your fabric.

STEP 2: Measure from under your bust to the floor (so you have hem and top extra)
Measure your waist or hips (whichever is bigger) and add 5 inches to that number.

STEP 3: Cut your fabric to your measurements, making one large rectangle.

STEP 4: Fold your fabric in half  making one skinny long rectangle. Sew your fabric (making a back seam)so you have one big circular piece.

STEP 5: Iron seam so it lays flat and you have a crisp line.

STEP 6: At the bottom fold up a small amount twice and iron for your hem.

STEP 7: Measure your waist (or where you want your skirt to sit). Cut elastic band to length you need.

STEP 8: At the top, fold down a small amount and iron. Using your elastic as a guide for thickness, fold over top again with enough room for the elastic to fit inside, with a small extra bit for sewing.

STEP 9: Sew top band. At the back seam leave a small area open so you can feed the elastic in.

STEP 10: Put the elastic in using a safety pin and sew elastic ends together. Hand stick up hole.

Ta da!
Maxi Skirt!
I used the same pattern for this dress last summer. It was shear and so I had to make a lining tho!



Janelle said...

Great tutorial! This makes me wish I had a sewing machine.. really bad.

Crystal ~Skittle Bug~ said...

Holy cow. SO cute. I definitely will be doing this!! :)