Friday, April 6, 2012

Miss Travel McTravelson ~ Nafplio, Greece

This place was stunning!!!
Total resort/tourist town and it had the best little cafe's and shopping!
I bought a hand painted hanging ball ornament as my souvenier!

This is the castle of Bourtzi which is located in the middle of the harbour!
It's been used as a castle, a fort, prison and a hotel in it's years.
Now they do a huge Music Festival there in the summer.

There were tonnes of stray kittens everywhere calling at us!
I wanted to "borrow" this scooter and go for a ride!
I have always wanted a scooter.

Everywhere in Europe has these beautiful vine plants with the sweet smelling flowers.
I saw them in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and France!

This is the main castle in Nafplio called the Palamidi.

I also decided to get my 3rd tattoo while I was there. Purely because there happened to be a tattoo shop right next door to my hotel.

It says "Life" in Ancient Greek.

This is the cafe I ate in the alley by my hotel both mornings.
They had eggs.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!!



Nadiine said...

Greece is such a beautiful country :)

sschmidt44 said...

I love your short hair....just sayin'!!!!