Friday, March 30, 2012

PL Peek ~ Rococode

Last weekend my friend J and I went to see the a dear old friend of mine and his band in
Kingston, ON.
His band is called Rococode and they are very quickly becoming my favorite Canadian band. (Other than the Groovediggers of course!)

They had a great (but too short) set and I got lots of time to visit with my buds.
It was a great night and I am super thankful with everything going on that J went with me.
This is something me and Paddy loved to do together and going to a concert without him didn't seem like it would be the same. (It wasn't the was better! ha!)
J made it a great night and we had a blast!!!

All in all - good night...

Here's a video of Rococode from YouTube.



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Courtney said...

Girl I LOVE your red pants! I'm still in the market for a pair that fits me right. Those are darling on you!