Friday, March 30, 2012

30 Days of Truths {Day 30}

This is the last day of the 30 days of truths!!! I really enjoyed doing them and it made me really think.
Thanks everyone for listening. :) It's sure been a rough month.

Dear Shelley:

This is one of those times when you really need to listen to "it's not you, it's HIM"
You are a very good person. He is the one being hurtful, not you.
You love others and treat them like they are very important people to you.
People say you are a good friend.
You have a great sense of humor and it's pretty cool that you can still act silly like a teen and not feel embarrassed or self conscious.
You need to remember that the whole time you have been with this man you have felt, left out, insecure, unloved, lied to and hurt.
This is not now he is doing this, he has always done this, you were just to kind to see it in him.

You feel peoples pain like it is your own and even if it hurts you will weather the storms with them.
People look up to you and are jealous of the things you have done with your life.
You have travelled the world and experienced things some people never will.

Sometimes you get so down on yourself because you feel like you have nothing to show for your life.
You do...
You have loads of people who love you near and far, and they will be your friends forever.
You know why?
Cause you are a good friend to them, and they know you love them.

Not everyone would "make" an ice cream cake for their friend's daughters birthday.
Not every dance teacher would stand side stage at every show and competition UNPAID to make sure every one of their students has someone to cheer them on backstage.
Not every friend would send Christmas and Birthday cards to Australia every year for a friend they travelled with in 2001.
Not your average girl would make the coolest cape ever and the prettiest sundress ever for their Bestest Neighbor Friends kids.
Most people give up their dog like they are not important. But you are heartbroken.
Most people wouldn't give up their free day to go through a friends wardrobe then shop to replace it!
Not everyone takes a hurt teen out for ice cream just to bitch about life.
Not everyone would suffer through two months of living with him, to be loyal to their job.

You do so much for everyone else.
Right now it is ok to let them take care of you.
You need it,
You look terrible.
You cry constantly.
You hate yourself right now cause he doesn't want to be with you.
Your devastated...

but it's gonna be ok.
I promise you.
Your not as alone as you tell yourself.


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