Friday, March 30, 2012


Sometimes when I go on other people's blogs and see how many comments they have I get really jealous. :(
I know that's terrible and I shouldn't, but sometimes it feels like they are so hard to get.
Whats the secret?
I get about 100 hits a day, which is a very great amount and I am so appreciative, but how come no one ever comments?
I have my word verification off...
I love comments...

At first when I searched around for ideas on how to get more feedback, people would say you need to leave comments on others blogs.
So, very diligently, approx. 3 months ago, I started to make a daily effort to comment on 15 blogs a day.
To be truthful, sometimes I only make 10, but still, that's pretty good!
I also try and pick up and coming blogs to do spontaneous little "My Faves" posts on, and I do lots of sponsor ad swaps!
no more comments.

Does someone have the secret out there and is willing to tell me? heehee

The Commentless Blogger

PS: Thank you thank you thank you to all of you who DO leave me comments. They are so appreciated and I read every single one of them!!! Please don't stop commenting!!! xoxo

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Sweet Green Tangerine said...

I feel ya. I love comments too! I get the most comments when it's somewhat of a discussion. Or if my post is controversial or something that I know people will want to say something about. I appreciate them most when they start a conversation. Getting a "That's cute/nice/awesome" comment is NICE but it's the ones that really contribute to the posts discussion that mean the most. Sometimes I read a post that is great, and I like it, but there's nothing I can think of saying in return...know what I mean? Hope I didn't confuse you too much LOL