Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miss Travel McTravelson ~ Athens, Greece

After Olympia, we drove all the way back to Athens to spend a few days.
Throughout the whole trip I had booked mostly Best Western Hotels and they were very decent for the price. Not in Athens!:) LOL
The hotel was in the dodgiest part of town that even the taxi driver didn't want to go there. He wouldn't get out of the car to take the luggage out of the trunk.
It was so shady.
Huge groups of African people would get together at night and trade fruits and veggies. One night there was a huge bomb fire burning and the fire crew came!

Either way, you walked 3 blocks and you were out of the terribleness. LOL
Great markets, food, nightlife.
There was a HUGE flea market and we found an Irish pub to sit at for a couple days! :)

The Acropolis was a huge hike but so amazing!
The lineups and people we crazy yet it was so quite up there. You could see forever!
I stayed up there for a while just taking it all in!!!

I also went to the changing of the guards which was quite amazing.
Very very long (much longer then the Changing of the Guards in Quebec).

It was so hot while I was there which I loved!!! I walked absolutely everywhere and saw everything you could possibly see!


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