Thursday, December 15, 2011


Dear Christmas Tree:
I am so glad that I added  red to you this year. You look so pretty.

Dear Cake Pops:
Why do you have to be difficult for me? When other people make you and take pictures, you look stunning.

Dear Grannie's Advent Calender:
Where is the hotel lotion? The plastic Avon Chapstick? Shower Caps or Shoe Horns or Keychains like all the years before? I am getting good stuff this year...I like it :)

Dear Dance:
What am I going to do with a full month off?

Dear Sparkley Pointsetta:
I can't seem to keep you alive. Too much water? Too little water? Not enough love? I dunno.

Dear Friend #8:
Sorry I thought you were friend #10 when you text me last night....the numbers are getting to high and it is hard for me to remember which friend is what number! I got it now!!! Thanks for calling :)

Happy Thursday Everyone!

1 comment:

Tamara Nicole said...

So cute! Your poor pointsetta! Lol also how are your cake pops not turning out? I can try and help with advice:-)

Love the blog!