Sunday, November 27, 2011

This is How I Cook: Piggies!!!!

First off, let me just say this. I have absolutely know idea why My Paddy and I call these Piggies. I believe it started with him having a brain fart when we first started dating and not knowing the name, and me just being plain ol' weird. I blurted out "They're called Pigs in a Blanket" which didn't make sense as soon as I said it...then I changed to Pigs in a Hole. But in real life, I think they are called Toads in a Hole. Which Has nothing to do with Pigs. From Pigs in a hole, it became Piggies.

This is my favorite breakfast in the world for 2 reasons.
1. They are damn tasty!!!!
2. They make me think of those first months when our relationship was new and My Paddy would sleep over and I'd wake up to Piggies in the morning. :) xoxo

So, it is really easy...but here is how you do it!!! {Now you can make them too Aunty Rossie!!!! hahaha...}

~ Two pieces of French or Italian Bread {You can use regular ol' bread, but it isn't nearly as tasty!}
~ Two Large Eggs
~ Butter or Margarine
~ Frying Pan
~ Flipper
~ circle cookie cutter {or you can use a glass with a small opening}

STEP ONE: Preheat your frying pan on medium high and cut two slices of your french or Italian bread from the loaf.
STEP TWO: Butter BOTH sides of each piece of bread and place into your frying pan.
STEP THREE: Use your cookie cutter or glass to make a round cutout in the center of the bread.
STEP FOUR: Break your eggs into the holes!
STEP FIVE: Once the whites go white flip the whole bread piece with the eggs, to cook the other side.
STEP SIX: Using your flipper, make a small slit beside the yolk to make sure the whites are fully cooked and not snotty. {gross!}
Put on your plate and enjoy!

Happy Funday Sunday! We are heading to Kingston to gets me a new winter coat! YAY!!!!

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TiasaurausRex said...

Lol thats a funny story about how the name came about, i never tried pigs in a blanket . I am defiantly going to try this. thanks for the post :]
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