Monday, November 21, 2011

Miss Travel McTravelson ~ Bonjour! {Montreal, QC}

Good Monday Folks! :)

Sorry I was MIA all weekend, but I went on a little mini vacay! :)

On Saturday I drove up to Montreal, Quebec to see my brother. He was here on a music/teacher conference and I hadn't seen him in almost 2 years.

It is about 2 and a half hours away, and I left Saturday after dance at about 2. By the time i got there it was dark and I missed my turn off and took a long dark tunnel to way to far land. I had to go in and out downtown Montreal with a crazy amount of people everywhere. Nuts.

Saturday night we met up with a large group of my brothers friends for some drinks and appys. Then off to this really cool pub on Crescent Street called Hurley's. It was really cool and got packed after the hockey game let out.

Sunday we met up with my cousin Clinton for breakfast. It was so beautiful out, the fresh air, crisp and moist. It had rained a little and it was grey and dark which made all the old architecture seem gothic and scary. So stunning. Clinton took us to old town and we walked everywhere. Up and down the cobblestone roads, in and out of the narrow store lined streets. I felt like I was in Europe again.

Down by the river there is a new causeway and sand beach going in. That will be amazing next summer :)
The whole experience felt like Europe. Stopping for coffee...taking photos of old buildings...good times.
Great to see ya Bro. :)


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