Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Bologna, Italy

Next stop on our 2 month European Adventure we are going to Bologna, Italy!!! I was dying to go here purely so I could crack jokes with my Dad about being to Bologne. {Pronounced ba-low-nee when we say it} :)

We took the train from Venice to Bologna one afternoon and it wasn't very far. We only stayed over night because there isn't too much there that we wanted to do. I would say out of all the train stations in all of the places we went, this was the coolest!!! The sunset was was cool how they had a wicked old bridge that went over the tracks. It hadn't been updated and it was the original station.

We mostly sat, drank beer, ate peanuts and people watched. The highlight of Bologna was seeing a man and a nun holding hands, Can they do that??? LOL

 We spent some serious dough and went for a super nice dinner watching the sunset. It was lovely. We found the best markets here and we bought lots of cheapy cheap clothes, shoes and assessories! It was like Thailand! hahahaha

Great time had by all.


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