Friday, October 7, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Malcontentta, Italy

As I was saying in Part 6 (Venice) we stayed in a small town 20 minutes from the main island. It was called Malcontenta.

We fell in love with this place...especially me :) It was so small and quaint and quiet. We had been travelling so much that we just enjoyed having nothing to do...and almost being bored.

Malcontenta consists of one hotel, 2 restaurants, a hairdresser, a fruit stand, post office, army surplus store, realtor, church, one play park and of course their very coveted swivel bridge that opens the canal. :) It was so tiny and we laughed when we first got there. We didn't know what we were going to do with 4 days in this place. LOL

The swivel bridge!

The weather was beautiful and we explored the whole town (which only took an hour! LOL)

We fell in love with a restaurant next to the hotel called the Palladio. The Italian family who owned it were so amazing!!! We became great friends with the son named Andrea and he was the only one that spoke English! We ate their twice a day for 4 days. They thought we were so weird when we would stand at the bar all night and drink beer. LOL

 Us with Andrea

 Our Italian Dad! (please note we had drank 2 beers each, and a bottle of champagne they popped open on our last night!!! So sweet!)

 In Italy they stop in to a restaurant or bar for what they call a Spritzer. It is this god awful red drink (Pat tried it once and I tasted it) but they stop in by parking our front with their flashers on and kids in the car, down a drink in 3 minutes and leave. Within an hour they would come back and look at us like we were weird for still being there! LOL

We were very sad to leave our new friends and their delicious pasta! When I think of Italy...this is where I think of...LOVE.


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Andee Eve@ bearing fruit said...

Oh Italy!
Reading your post makes me miss this beautiful country. So glad you guys had such a great time!