Thursday, September 22, 2011

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Venice, Italy

After the excitement of Piza it was off to Venice, Italy for The Weavoways!!!!

We had booked our hotel while we were in Valencia and the one's right on the island were sooooo expensive. We opted to stay at a hotel called the Palladio in a tiny town 15 minutes outside of Venice, in Malcontentta. I will write the next travel post bout that place!!! (My favorite of our whole trip!)

We took a short bus ride over the water bridges to Venice. Instantly I hated it. I know that's terrible to say but the alleyways were so tiny and there were so many tourists squishing and pushing. It's like getting on and off a city train in the middle of rush hour!!! Everyone is hot and sweaty and pushing you - literally pushing you!!! I kept loosing My Paddy and we couldn't find anywhere with a table for us to eat.

We did our thing and spent a day walking around and seeing the canals. You couldn't even get a decent photo cause there was always someone in your pic or bumping you so you couldn't get a non-blurry one.

I did love the shopping because most of there stores are like markets kiosks. Paddy bought a really cool Italian Opera mask that looks like a Jester and I got a really cute Italy jacket for my nephew Logan. :)

We had planned to spend 4 whole days in Venice, but after one day neither of us wanted to go back into town. So, we spent the 4 days relaxing in Malcontentta. It was really nice and after jetting around so much, it was nice to settle and have nothing to do.  

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