Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chuck's Spooky Birthday Party!!!

As you all know, last weekend, we had a birthday party for our puppies Chuck Norris. It's so near to Halloween that I just decided to go with that theme. I mostly did this party for my little kidlet friends. {Emma, Joel, Jayden, Jessa & Kali}

Everyone came over and we had lots of yummy foods like cupcakes, caramel apples, popcorn, candies and yummy dog treats for the puppies!!!

Thank you to all our friends who came over and enjoyed some cupcakes with us and spoiled Chuck rotten!

Reason to get together - right guys?!?


PS: A special thank you to Jayden, Jessa & Emma for taking all of the candid photos from the party!!! :)


Denim and Eve said...

those cupcakes are adorable!!!! i love your pups costume too! lovely.:)

Magical Day Dream said...

Whaha I love that your dog is named Chuck Norris!



Anonymous said...

Wow, that bone looks bigger than the dog ... well almost anyway!! Nice to find you over at the 'October Followers Fest' blog hop.