Tuesday, September 13, 2011


You were big and scary and we felt a little out of place. But thank you for making us step out of our Brockville Farmers Market box.
McHaffie's Flea Market

Dear Mother Nature:
Thank you for being so hot and sunny on Sunday that My Paddy got a sunburn and now looks like a raccoon. :) I laugh at him a lot for looking like he is always wearing sunnies and being a ginger.

Dear Dancing:
Mondays are gonna suck. 6 hours straight? Wowza.

Dear Ladies Only Hip Hop Class:
We start tonight - YAY!!!!!

Dear Pimple on my upper lip:
Is it really necessary to be this sore? It hurts to talk...c'mon!!!!


PS: There wern't very many entries for my giveaway!!! :( How can you not want free stuff? So, I am going to extend it until next Tuesday! Click HERE to enter!!!

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