Monday, April 1, 2013

DIY ~ Bobby Pin Earrings

I made these Bobby Pin earrings at Christmas time, but these new updated one's are much easier!!!

colorful booby pins
super thin wire
earring hooks
mod podge
small piece of cardboard

First sort out the color pattern you would like to do with your bobby's.
I suggest 4 - 6 pins so that there isn't too many and they stay aligned.

Place them on your cardboard as tight together as you can.

Using mod podge make the design you wish and cover in glitter.

Once the mod podge is completely dry you can continue.

Take a small piece of your wire approx. 1.5 inches long.

Fish it through the loop of the booby's and twist at the top like a twist tie.
Add your earring hook to the top wrapping the remaining wire around it tightly.
Press with your pliers to secure the ends tight.

Push your bobby pins off the cardboard and admire your hand work :)

Love mine!
I have two sets in my shop up for sale right now!!!