Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY ~ Ribbon Bow Flats

***this is a repost from March 2012***

In the spirit of using stuff I have, refashioning and wearing things I don't normally...I made these super adorable ballet flats!

Years ago I bought a pair of those Dr. Scholl's foldy flats.
I didn't love them much cause I thought they looked cheap and flimsy.
Then, while browsing Pinterest, I found this cute little DIY!
Light bulb moment!
I dug out my little flats and fixed em up.

Here's how I did it!

You will need:

- pair of ballet flats
- sewing pins
- ribbon
-stitch ripper
- sewing machine
- scissors
- lighter or matches

#1 ~ Take your stitch ripper and remove any embellishments off your shoes your are upcycling!

#2 ~ Cut 4 equal pieces of ribbon. Peak one end of each piece.

#3 ~ Using a lighter or matches, very carefully slightly burn the edges to prevent them from fraying.

#4 ~ Pin the ribbon in the spot you would like it on each side.

#5 ~ Using your sewing machine, sew ribbon into place.

#6 ~ Tie and enjoy! :)

I just love them.
What an upgrade!!!
Bet I wear them now... :)



Megan Colwell said...

This is adorable. I bet you could do this to other shoes too with liquid stitch!

The Nautical Owl

Megan said...

these are SO CUTE!! such a great idea! i can't wait to try them myself.