Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY ~ Men's Boxer Shorts

I decided to Make Tally some boxer shorts with some left over Beatles material I have.
I mean, I am trying to clean out and use all my supplies, so what better way to get rid of some fabric.
I made them much like the pajama pants I amde him before Christmas.
I used a pair of Tomas the Train boxers my Grandma gave him as a template!
First fold and place your fabric so the right sides are facing in.
Then place your template straight seams flat on the edge and trace it.
You need 4 pieces like this.
Sew your side seams together first so you now have two pieces.
Iron your seams flat.
Now pin and stitch the crotch area.
I like to sew it twice so it's double seamed and extra strong.
Now to your leg hole hems.
Lastly, iron your top waist down a half inch, then an inch and a 1/4.
Sew leaving a hole near the back to slip in your elastic.
Feed your elastic through the waist band using a safety pin to guide you.
Your done :)

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