Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY ~ High Heel Upcycle

***this is a repost from Feb 2012***

I have had these black heels for years and I rarely wear them.
There is nothing wrong with them, I just have an identical pair I have already worn in and are already comfy. 
I decided I wanted to do something to spruce them up so I will wear them.

In the spirit of using items I already have and not buying any new crafty things...
I used a silver paint pen I had in a miscellaneous bin.

All I did was shake then pen well, pop off the lid, and started coloring.
I chose to color the heels first.

Once I new there was enough paint left in the pen, I decided to do the tips of the toes too!

I love how they turned out! I pumped to try them next ladies night out!


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