Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY ~ Pillowcase Sash Skirt

This is one of the last fun pillowcases I had so I wanted to do something special with it.
I used some left over fabric from my bedskirt I'm half way through making.

First take your pillowcase and cut off the unopened end across from the open end.
On each end and side (where the seams are) measure in an inch.
Sew down the sides.
Iron seams flat.
Iron your hem 1/4 inch then a half inch on both top and bottom.
To make your sash, fold a 40 inch long by ten inch piece in half and iron rights sides together.
Sew down one side, leaving ends open.
Reverse and iron flat.
Find the center of your sash and sew it to the waist of your skirt.
This skirt is on sale now in my shop :)

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