Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY ~ Emma's Head Piece

My dear friend Emma is doing her very first solo this year at dance competition!!
We went the other day to find her a cute top to wear and we found a super sparkly tunic that did just the trick.
Now she just needed a matching hair piece to finish off the look!
Here's how I made it!
Take four or five bobby pins and glue the end of a 3 inch piece of ribbon to the top.
Wrap it around the top prongs of the bobbypins.

Secure the loose end with your glue gun.

Embellish however you want.
I used feathers, a fabric polkadot flower, some fake lei flowers and glue gun!!!

I also added some sparkly pipecleaners that I swisted around my finger!

It turned out super cute!

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Shauna said...

That's super cute!
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