Monday, February 11, 2013

Craft Day!!!

A few weeks ago my friend Ali invited me over for a craft day with some of her girlies!
We had so much fun making these adorable crayon heart hangydoos!
 Here's Ali craftin' away! :)))
Side-kick and all!
First start with a large piece of wax paper and two pieces of string that are extra long!
Using a knife, grater or pencil sharpener and make shavings of Crayola crayons.
I used pink, white, burgundy and red mixed.
Place another piece of wax paper over like a sandwich with the string and shavings.
Using the tip of your iron on medium heat, lightly circle around the wax paper.
You will very quickly notice the crayons melting a spreading.
Using a pen draw hearts around the string in a  vertical row.
Cut out the hearts making sure not to cut the string!!!

Tie your two sets together!
I had a lot of fun with the girls!
This is what our table looked like by the end! Hahahahahaha!

Thanks Ali for inviting me!!!
Hope we can do it again sometime :)

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HayleyKiah said...

This looks like so much fun! Craft parties are the best and this is perfect for the season.

Hayley Kiah @ Classy In KC