Monday, January 14, 2013

PL Peek ~ Welcome Home Snow

When I got home for my hot holiday to Maui there was a very rude awakening for me.
We had probably gotten about 3 feet of snow.
Not cool Mother Nature, not cool.
If you have read my past Personal Life Peek posts, you know, I love snow.
Skiing, Tobogganing...making snowmen.
But when your trying to drive home at 1am to see your favorite 2 boys (meaning Tally and Chuck) you do not want there to be 3 feet of snow.

It's beautiful, but very unwelcoming.

FYI ~ Chuck is not going to the bathroom here...he is sniffing other puppy prints...LOL

 So pretty - but very cold to the balmy 30+ degrees it was in Maui!


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