Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hawaiian Adventures ~ Luau Time!

Another HUGE highlight from my trip is the Luau my mom set up for us all to go to!
It was so much fun!
It was a long path and walk down to the beach but there was a lot of cool carvings and plants to explore on the way.

Down by the main Luau spot there was a stunning sunset view, local vendors selling local art and trinkets and a lady doing"Hawaiian" tattoos!

I bought my sister in law and myself some pretty matching silver and shell bracelets.
I drank a lot of pina coladas over the 4 hours we were there. LOL
Before they served dinner, we got to watch them dig up out roasted pig from a big pit they had been cooking it in since 9am.

Logan was big into it (can you see him holding on to the rope opposite there? So cute!)

It was such a neat experience and they boys lasted right until midnight with all the excitement going on!

They had some amazing dancers entertain us, and even Logan and I got up on stage and learned how to Hula.

The final thing we saw before leaving was these beautiful trees they had decorated with lights for Christmas.
A perfect visual to remind us that we got to spend Christmas in Hawaii as a family!

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