Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY ~ Pillowcase Mini Skirt

I often buy pillow cases on sale if I love the pattern of them because they can be turned into some amazing things!

I have had this one for a while and cut a small bit out to do a patch on Tally's jeans.
So I used the rest to make this super easy, super cute skirt.
Start by measuring from your waist to your thigh where you want the length to go to.
Add 1.5 inches to the top and 1 inch to the bottom.
So your adding a total of 3.5 inches to your length measurement.
Cut to your pillowcase across the top sewn part just to remove the seam.
Then cut the correct length with the extra you need for seam allowance.

Turn your pillowcase tube inside out and iron flat.
Then iron your bottom hem.
Roll and iron one half inch, then another half inch and pin as you go.
On the top, roll a half inch down then 1 inch down to make a pocket for your elastic waist.

Pin and sew leaving a gap so you can insert your elastic.
Sew all your seams flat once sewn.
To insert your elastic, use a large safety pin and fish it through your waist band making sure not to lose your end.
Sew the two ends of your elastic together with a zig zag stitch.
There you go...cute little mini!


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