Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY ~ Rice Bag Scarf

My bestest neighbor friend's hubby's birthday was yesterday.
She asked me to make him a heat bag to walk their dog!
He has an old one from my shop, but it is wearing out after 2 winters!
I thought I would make him a super long one so it could wrap around his neck like a scarf!
It turned out amazing!
First measure two pieces of fabric the same size measureing 30 inches by 8 inches wide.
Iron fabric good sides together and sew leaving a hole at one end to reverse.
Reverse long recatangle and iron seams flat.

In the open hole end, add your rice.
I used 1 cup of rice for each pounch and I measured each pouch at 3.75 inches.
Put your first cup of rice in.
Using clothes pins, hold the rice down so you can sew a seam to make that block.
Repeat until you are finished making all your blocks.
Sew up open end.
Ta da - your done.
So warm and cozy...I'm gonna make myself one now :)))
Happy Birthday Dave!!!!


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