Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend In a Nutshell ~ November 9th - 11th

 Ahhhh...the weekend.
Even though I work most of it, I still managed to find some fun time :)
Friday I made the most delicious cookies!
Watch out for the recipe coming up soon here on 2Messy!
Saturday after dance, Tally took me for a date night to Island Delight!
Such great Chinese food :) mmmm...

After dinner we stopped by Tally's friend Em's bday party! 

Sunday I got some serious stuff done - haircut, dye job, clean the house, change the sheets, dog park, 2Messy store creations and so much more!

Tally and I went to Lyn falls with some pizza for lunch!
The weather was amazing ehre on Sunday and we were hot in our hoodies!

Sunday night I went to my friend #5's house for a movie and some cake pops!
Yay for fun weekends :)

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