Friday, November 30, 2012

New "Bedroom"

My new place is not exactly....big.
It's a bachelor apartment.
Meaning, it's a big room with a kitchen.

I have been here 3 months now and I am just starting to get settled.

The other night Tally and I decided we needed to switch the "living room" around.
I have a raised area that is my "bedroom" and a small space near it that my couch and green chair live.

I hated the curtains I had put up because they clashed with my Turkey rug. 
I took down the curtains.
Then I remembered I had tow sheer curtains from Ikea that were still in their package. 
I used the two rods and the curtain panels and created a "room" where my bed is.
It's amazing the difference this makes.
I feel less stressed when I go to bed cause I can't really see the chaos in the rest of my place.
It's calming...and I hate to say it..
but a little romantic. ;)

I decided my Turkey rug had to change to above the bed rather than in the living room.
I also changed my sheets to solid white, and my pillow cases to a hint of red stripes to pull out the red in the rug.
I recovered some old throw pillows in this fabric I got in the sale section at Fabricland ($2.00 a meter!)
Ta Da! New bedroom.

I just need to get a bedskirt, and find a new home for my wood chest....

It's gonna be ok...


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