Friday, August 10, 2012

PL Peek ~ Chuck Norris Learns to Swim

Chuck has always had a bit of a water phobia.

He's great in the shower, but if he gets sprayed by the hose, wet grass, or large bodies of water it has always caused major freak outs.
I decided that now that we live on the river, its time he learned to swim.

Chuck did so well!!! He did not love it the first time, went a little under, but he got better and better as he practiced!!!
Proud Mama here!!! :))))

Love this guy!


B E C K Y said...

Aw I wub this! Chuck Norris needs to teach my great dane, Murphy (as in Murphys Law) to swim!! He's a big ol baby and wont go near our pool. lol

Allison Taylor said...

hahah oh chuck norris. so adorable! Glad he (for the most part) got over his water phobia :)