Monday, July 16, 2012

PL Peek ~ My Great Grandma

I think it is absolutely amazeballs that i still have a Great Grandma.
When i was young my mom would send me over to Vancouver to spend some of my summer holidays with her every year.
I remember waking up to the smell of East Indian food cooking, the kettle squeeling a high pitched whistle and Grandma singing the Sikh bible.
She made me homemade fries and boiled hotdogs for lunch or we would walk down to KFC for chicken which is her favorite.

I remember loads of visitors would come through the house on a daily basis for visits, but at 1 o'clock sharp - it was time to watch Days of Our Lives on tv.
When we would go to Vancouver for church i was always put on cutting veggies with all the other "white ladies". All i ever wanted was to stir one of the HUGE pots of curry the old ladies were making.
She passed on tonnes of indian jewellery, sari's and dishes to me.
She is now in a care home and is getting older by the minute. I think this visit will be my last one. I want to remember her by these stories for the rest of my life.
I love you Grandma Johl. Thanks for always keeping me interested and respectful of our culture. :)

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