Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miss Travel McTravelson ~ Montego Bay

I've been to Jamaica a few times and recently some friends were going which reminded me to pull out these photos :)
This post is about Montego Bay, I will do another one on Negril at some point.

Jamaica is definitely on the top of list when it comes to favorite places.
The people are awesome, the beaches are amazing and the jerk chicken...well...heaven on earth.
Every night there is a sunset, rain or shine. Cloudy or not.

Anytime anyone asks me out of all the places I've been where is my favorite...I always say Jamaica.
So relaxing, calm and well worth the money.

There's a bus tour that takes you to all the farm land and Bob Marley's Mother's house.
This is where is tomb is and you can see where he lays to rest.

I made some great friends at our resort.
One is Alicia who I still talk to via mail, and the other was Stretch a scuba dive instructor who has me to his house for dinner one night!!! :)

Great people in Jamaica.
They would do anything for you.
So kind.

This is me going to Stretch's house. :)

 That's it! That wood box is him :)
He was so proud he had built it on his own.

He made me chicken, potatoes and boiled bananas for dinner.
Very tasty!!!

These kids lived next door!
Had never seen a camera before!!! :)

If you haven't been to see Bob...all I can say is


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Ashley said...

I LOVE Jamaica! We got married there and stayed for our honeymoon. It was by far the most beautiful place I have ever been. I cannot wait to go back :)

- ashley