Monday, April 23, 2012

PL Peek: Dance Competition

I had a fabulous weekend! ;)
I went to the Shine Dance Competition in Kingston, Ontario with my kidlets.
All day Friday and Saturday were spent watching students dress up, get ready, stretch, stress, have minor meltdowns, get so nervous they want to die/pee their pants/passout or crap themselves and then kill it on stage. :)
Love you guys. xoxo
We got some great scores and some not so great scores.
My favorite number went off amazingly, they were together, the choreography looked great, spacing was bang on, noone forgot the steps....
and we got gold.

This is a low score...
I am very anxious to see what the comments from the adjudicators are.
Too ballet not enough modern?
Wrong category?
These are the only things I can think of.
I have to admit.
I was pretty upset.
I went to my car and had a little scream and held back tears.
I was counting on this number. :(
Oh well, maybe they will tell me what they didn't like and we can fix it before next competition.
You win some, you lose some.
I will say, we did have people standing in the audience, other dancers were telling there parents when we were waiting to go on that they HAD to see our number.
The place was packed...and it sounded like everyone loved it.
We love it.
Ok enough, enough, enough.
I will make sure to let you all know what the adjudicators said when I find out this week :)
Fingers crossed it just needs to be changed categories.

We had loads of other dances too that we did really well on, and now I feel bad about venting. {sigh}
Moves Like Jagger is one of my favorites :)

Tyler and all his awards! He did so well this competition!!! :)

Jump For Your Love! Jessa & Erica!!!

Erika & Raven getting ready to get some Platinum's!!!

My mini's getting ready to tap their hearts out!!!
Paige, Ana, Macey, Eve & Jessa

Ready to "Shake Your Body" Conga style? Look at those Maracas!!!

Practicing before they go on! Good students!

Anna, Macey and Eve ready for their solos!

Thank you to Cindy McCarthy and Shine Dance Competitions Facebook page for some of these photos!
Congratulations BDA dancers - so proud of you all!!!

Is the Groove In You Heart? LOL

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Shauna said...

What a fun event! All the dancers look so good!

Happy Monday,