Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photo A Day {April 8th - 13th}

Now that the Birthday weekend extravaganza is over...I have so much to do!

- find a place to live
- find part time job
- go to lawyer
- pack
- make dresses for shop
(Yes, that's right, I'm gonna start selling my dresses at 2Messy this year! YAY!)
- get market stuff sorted
-HUGE garage sale

here are my photos of the day for Fat Mum Slim's challenge.

April 8th
(My Birthday - check out the big giveaway here that's still open!)
Inside Your Wallet

April 9th ~ Younger You
This is me Christmas 2006. Before Lazer Eye Surgery, first time I'd had my hair short, holding some sort of shampoo that I was overly excited about.

April 10th ~ cold
This is when I went skiing at Mount Pakenham!

April 11th ~ Where you ate breakfast. bed :)

April 12 ~ Stairs

April 13th ~ Found
I found this photos the other day when I was going through a mass amount of printed pictures. Then just now I found the digital image in some long lost folder while organizing my pics.
This is me and my Dad.
Yes, at my wedding.
(Long time ago, not the current relationship that just ended.)

He had just said something really funny that I still chuckle about to this day! heehee
Love ya Dad.



Menachérie said...

That's such a great photo of you and your dad (:

B E C K Y said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to the 'How the hell am I already 30' club.
I'm lovin your lights in your bedroom! and your daddy pic :)