Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miss Travel McTravelson ~ Nice, France

My first stop in France was Nice.
(Say neeeeesssssss)
It was very relaxing despite the fact that my room was so small there wasn't even enough floor room to keep my bag on the ground. LOL
The weather was very chilly while I was there, but compared to Turkey, I guess anything is cold.

I went to the circus one night which I really enjoyed.
The animal acts were fantastic!!!

I spent a lot of time in the back alley stores and Indian restaurants.
There was also this cafe in the town center that had the best spaghetti
(Not as good as Italy of course...)

While I was there I took a day trip to Monaco too!
That's up next week :)



Shauna said...

Love the photos!


MolDiva said...

cute post love , i like the shots

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