Friday, March 16, 2012

Outfit Post ~ I Feel Taller Already

I have seen all the teens at dance with these super cute sweatshirts and have wanted one forever.
I kinda thought maybe at the soon to be ripe ol' age of 30 I was a little too old to pull it off...
Then I though - WHO CARES!!!!

Look Ma!!!! Imma giraffe!!!! :)
Isn't it the cutest sweatshirt ever???
The ears are perfect! Hahahaha!
I got it at Sirens Warehouse in the Thousand Islands Mall.

Even Chuck Norris loves it!



Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

And I just died. Giraffes are my favorite! Where did you find that gem?

Sadie Dear said...

Too cute. We thirty-somethings have to cut up and be cute every now and then, right!?

Messy said...

I got it at a place called Sirens. They have tonnes of different ones. Dogs, kittens, penguins, frogs, monsters, sheep...loads of choices!

Courtney said...

Is your dog's name seriously Chuck Norris? Oh my goodness I LOVE that!!! Soooo cute! And the sweatshirt is adorable on you!

Messy said...

Yes my bogs name really is Chuck Norris. He rocks my world. Best Dog Name Ever!!!!

B E C K Y said...

Who Cares indeed. 30 is to young to limit yourself from awesome hoodies like this one! Right On!