Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Faves ~ Breezy Days

I have been adding so many peeps to my Bloglovin' list to follow lately - it's been fab!
I love having stuff to check out, read and get some ideas from :)

I recently found this Pretty Lady over at Breezy Days.
She really has a way of writing that just "get's me".
I listen when she talks.
This is one of my favorite posts that I have read and it's prompted me to pick her for the section of my blog.

Then I did some major creeping of her info page and pictures...LOL
She is soooooo cute!
Loves her.

Friends on Bri!!! :)
Let's be blog buddies! Teeheehee


1 comment:

Bri Rios said...

Oh gosh, this post totally made my day!!! I'm glad you enjoy my writing, hearing that makes me extremely happy! Let's be friends :D