Thursday, March 15, 2012

I need HELP!!!!

I'm serious.
I need your help please.
This requires you to leave feedback which means you have to LEAVE A COMMENT!!!

Ok, starting April 8th, 2012, I will be started a whole new life.
I will beturing  30, newly single, moving back to the Big City.
Starting over.

Should I start a whole new blog?
Or should I just transform this one...
I could delete all old posts?
I could just ignore them? (Or can I?)

What are my options?
What would you do??

Thanks for the help peeps :)



Tabitha said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you back on Bloglovin'.

Personally, I think you should go with a little design change that matches your new life whenever you move. Don't lose all the posts that you've written. Our past is what makes us, well, us and you are awesome!

Janelle said...

I would say keep the same blog. Your blogspot URL is just your name so you can still change the header, the name & make some design changes. Also this way you don't have to worry about losing followers. Not that you'd lose me :) Haha.

In terms of the old posts it's up to you. It is nice to start fresh if you feel like you have to... that said there may be some valuable information back there that people might come searching for... Just a thought. Good luck with whatever you choose!