Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY ~ Socktopus

I saw this great little idea on pinterest a while ago and thought I'd give it a try.
He turned out sooooooo adorable!
I love him, and I have named him Ned.

- thin sock in any wonderful design, color or pattern you wish.
- small piece of colored felt.
- two buttons
- needle and thread
- stuffing

STEP 1: Take a small amout of stuffing and ball it up, stuffing it in the end of the sock.
Work it until it becomes round like a head.
Clenching the sock tight at the bottom.

STEP 2: Using your needle and thread go throughthe closing and wrap it around tight to make it bunch closed.

STEP 3: Cut two circles of felt and place them under the buttons to make eyes.
Sew on opposite sides of the head.

STEP 4: Cut up the sock from the bottom to make the legs.
Make sure to cut only 8 legs!!! :)

Isn't he sooooo cute???

I want to sell him in my shop but he is sooooo cute.
Loves him.


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House Sweet It Is said...

what an adorable project! pinterest has made me far more crafty than i ever used to be without it!