Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY ~ Princess Crown

I was browsing through my favorite blogs on Bloglovin', and went to comment on a post on Violet's Blog when I saw her DIY post on this crown!!!
Paddy and I had a crazy hat party a couple weeks ago and I thought it would be great to have as an extra! I'm sure glad I had 3 or 4 extras cause we needed them! Suckas!
All you need to make this crown is pipecleaners.
It's just that easy!

FIRST, take two pipecleaners and twist one end of each together flat.
Repeat on the opposite ends to make a circle.

SECOND, take two more pipecleaners and twist one end of each into a point.
Attach that center front to make your main peak.

THIRD, make more mini peaks out of one pipecleaner folded in half.
Attach to the band as well.

Ta da!
Crown complete-o!

Isn't it cute???

Here's a picture of my friends Laurelle and Raegan!
R loved the crown! ha!
Perfect for our Crazy Hat Party!!!


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Nav said...

You have great art mind!

xo Nav