Monday, March 19, 2012

30 Days of Truths {Day 19}


RELIGION = I think it's a little weird.(Sorry). This is mostly because I have never had good experiences with it. Some people need a higher power to believe in so they have someone to blame stuff on. Good or Bad. "Oh, God made me get this wonderful fabulous job because he loves me." Your new boss loved you so he hired you. I think the singing, fainting, dancing part of church is very entertaining. LOL I don't judge people for being religious or believing in God. It's just not my thing.

POLITICS = I used to want to get really into politics so I could vote and make a difference. But once I did I realized two things.
a) My measly little one vote really won't sway who's gonna win.
b) no matter who you pick, they will never be good enough and never do what they say they are going to do.
So, now, I just ignore politics.
Terrible I know.


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B E C K Y said...

Hey I think we see pretty much eye to eye on the religion thing. Politics, ugh, this is a hard one for me. I know that I personally cant make a difference, but dang it, I try! lol

Sweet Green Tangerine said...

It's refreshing to hear people stand up and talk about non-belief. It used to be a taboo and I still feel a bit embarrased/ashamed when I admit I don't believe in God. yikes.
And politics, last time I voted, I was lied to and made to feel like a fool, so i don't even pay attention anymore. stupid rich guys rule the world. :P