Friday, March 9, 2012

Answer Me This

I saw this over at San's blog The Inbetween is Me. And thought it would be great for my Answer Me This Section. :)

I am falling apart.
I think too much.
I know that I am way too sensitive sometimes.
I have become disconnected with life.
I wish I wouldn’t always take things so personally.
I hate feeling uncared about.
I miss Kassie and Logan.
I fear I will never find someone who truley loves me.
I hear Chuck Norris snoring.
I smell eggs I cooked earlier.
I crave nothing, I don't have an appitite right now.
I search for meaning in everything.
I wonder when I will figure out this thing called life.
I regret having missed some important events back home.
I love being in the sunshine!
I ache about 20 minutes after I sit down from Dance.
I am not really doing things outside when it's cold.
I believe every person deserves happiness.
I dance when I am at work.
I sing in the car.
I cry way too easily right now. Feels like constantly.
I fight the move I have to make.
I win rarely.
I lose my mind when I have to think about my future.
I never want to be this confused again.
I always want to be happier.
I confuse people sometimes.
I listen to every type of music out there.
I can usually be found blogging, dancing or crafting.
I am scared of turnign 30.
I need hugs, love, support in my life.
I am happy about things being better in the future!
I imagine a world that is peaceful and knows no suffering.


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