Friday, February 24, 2012

Snail Mail: I'm A Winner!!!

I won!
I won!
I won!

I won this adorable neckless from Woodii in a giveaway and I have been waiting for it to get here!!!
It finally did and I got to open it slowly and appreciate it!
I absolutely adore it!!!

Isn't the packaging and everything so awesome???
I love getting handmade items in the mail!

Thank you so much Courtney!
I love my necklace and plan on wearing it all the time :)



gini from my messy girlfriend said...

cute!! congratulations:)

Ashley Marie said...

Oooh, I've seen these! They're so badass! I want one... although I'm sure I would destroy it within a few days. lol

lushdeez said...

Oooooh very pretty necklace! Congrats on your win :)