Saturday, February 11, 2012

Date Night: Corn Chip Edition

Last night My Paddy and I decided to go on a full out date.
We rarely do this, but have recently decided we are going to make a conscious effort to do.

{SIDE NOTE: On Facebook I have a Pretty Lady named Chelsea Henkle that I have known since highschool. She is an amazing, pure and good hearted person. So kind, thoughtful and inspirational. She has always been this way since the day I met her in grade school and her whole family is the same. Chelsea writes the most uplifting, spiritual, brave, positive incouragement on life in general all the time in her updates. Sometimes I read them at just the right moment. Especially right now with how low I have been. It's been some serious dark days lately and Chelsea just always seems so happy and content with life. I wanna be like that. Anyways...Chelsea and her Hubby do the cutest videos on their date nights and they are so fun!!! This is where I decided I need to go on date nights :)}

I decided (since it was my turn to plan first) that I would take My Paddy to his favorite restaurant...
He loves their fajitas and talks about them all the time.
I love the FREE chips and salsa! Ole! heehee

I drove us to Kingston and found rockstar parking...all in the snow BTW.
We got a great table and we could both sit on one side where the comfy booth seat was and people watch.
Paddy had a Corona Rite...well two actually, and I had a mug'o Strawberry Daquiri!!!

We shared the combo platter and scarffed down fajitas like they were gonna be taken away if we didn't.

After, we decided we didn't want the fun to end there so we headed up to a pub on Princess Street called Toucan's.
Great Rum & Coke's there. ;)
We played some serious darts, and I have to say I should be a professional.
Ok maybe not, but we played 3 games and I beat My Paddy once.
That's not terrible.
I love playing darts!

Great night all around, we needed this. :)


PS: I really need to get better at camera photos. {sigh}


Halle said...

hi! This looks like an interesting place!! Please, make sure to check out my blog and follow if you'd like! I follow back! :)

Have a Great weekend!
Best Wishes from Classic+Glam

Janelle said...

This looks & sounds like a fun date night. Free salsa & chips are the best!!