Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sponsor Love!!!

Hi Everyone!

Have you been over to Just Because By LeeLee??? What?!? NO?????? Your crazy!

I love this little chica!!! She is so adorable and her blog is beyond amazeballs.

She has so much cool info in the brain of hers I would just love to pick it! :) A fashion design graduate from Colombia she is pure fascinating....

Go on over and check out her blog...believe me you'll LOVE it!!!

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Little Stitch said...

Hiya back atcha! I'm Chelsea of LittleStitch- I found you through Gussy's Creating Community post, and I am so glad because your Etsy shop currently houses my most favorite art EVER. This is random, but my hubs watches a lot of the Discovery Channel and apparently they are doing a show about Big Foot hunters. In the preview, this guy says "I think there's a squatch in these woods." We've been saying it randomly ever since. I can totally picture this quote in your shop.

Anyway, hi! Now I'm going to check out LeeLee...