Monday, January 30, 2012

My Dad Is So Cool!!!

My Dad is so cool.
Dead serious.
Coolest Dad ever.

I thought the year he made me the biggest and best art aisle so I could continue painting was the best present EVER.
I thought the year he drove to Calgary and brought me a handmade bench for my garden was the best present EVER.
I was sadly mistaken...

My Dad build this bed for my nephew Logan for Christmas and it is BY FAR the biggest, baddest and wickedest thing he has ever made. Fo shizzle.

Here are some photos of this amazeballs bed :)

Can you believe he made this from scratch?  Built, Painted and Finished himself! Wowza!

This last picture is my favorite...
The smile on my Dad's face is absolutely priceless :)
I love seeing my Dad like this...unbelievably HAPPY!

I love you Dad - thank you for everything you do for us!


Messy (Swell to my Dad!)

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