Sunday, January 8, 2012

Miss. Travel McTravelson ~ Roma

Good Day All!!!!

Today I am taking you to ROMA!!!!
Definately one of my favorite places in all of Europe. We walked all of Rome by foot and saw everything you could possibly see!!!
The buildings, the architecture, the remains still standing are so stunning. Words don't even describe the overwhelming feeling of being so little on this earth. I love this picture above with sun shining through the Pantheon ceiling. UNBELIEVABLE.

As soon as we got out we were bombarded by this guy!!! LOL We thought it was hilarious until he turned to My Paddy and said "That's $5 bucks man" LOL LMAO!!!!

This is Old stunning. I can't believe they let people walk around it still.
The Colosseum was obviously one of the major highlights of Roma. We spent some time relaxing inside and taking in the sites. It was so hot that day they we were just happy to find a seat and some shade :)
 We had the best balcony at our hotel! But it was sooooo far from the Termini. Before we had to walk tot he train everyday we would sigh and say "lets get going on the never ending walk to the Termini..." LOL We bought lots of food at grocery stores and made fresh salads with fun good to have "home cooked" meals! ha!

Of course we had to get new tattoos in Roma! The guy was a total dink (excuse my language) and hated us from the get go because we didn't speak Italian. Mine was so extremely painful because he was laying on my stomach and kept yelling "no move!!!!" LOL

We went to Vatican city and took a look around. It was amazing...the church is HUGE! I couldn't go inside because I was wearing shorts :( but My Paddy did and took some amazing photos!!!
 went to an AS Roma game and it was sooo cool! Definitely one of my most vivid memories from our trip. The crowds were crazy and when they didn't was a full out riot! People were throwing fire bombs into the audience...CRAZY!!!

On our last evening in Roma, My Paddy ate these delicious morsels of goodness over beers...

I'm glad i didn't eat them because poor Paddy was having troubles staying out of the washroom all the next day! And we had to fly!!!! LOL Poor guy! :)



LaaFemmeNIKIta said...

great trip! One day I hope to go to Rome, it looks so beautiful!


I am Megan said...

Oh my goodness! I want, want want to go to Rome some day! That tattoo really looked so painful, but what did you get? You must show off your ink!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Your trip looks amazing! Rome is definitely on my bucket list :)


cailen ascher said...

omg what awesome pics! i haven't been to rome in years, and these pics have convinced me that i need to go back...and soon! thanks for sharing : )

cool blog - i'm your newest follower