Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodbye Furry Friend.

It's been a rough weekend at this house. But last night topped it off for me.

My ex from Calgary called to tell me that our cat had gotten cancer in his stomach and bowels and he had to put him down last night. I guess his stomach had been growing for a week and he just thought Reno was eating too much food or something. He was too far along when he took him to the vet last night, and the doctor said it would be best just to let him go.

This is sad because of many reasons. I have always felt very guilty about leaving Reno in Calgary with my ex. But when we left we had put all our belongings in storage and was heading to Europe for 2 months. Paddy and I didn't even know where we were going to move yet. Then once we decided on Ontario, I knew Reno wouldn't make the cross country drive.
I was very much looking forward to seeing him at Christmas and I am sad now that I won't.

He was a great kitten. I got him when I first moved to Calgary and was a lonely, single esthetician. One of my clients had forced me to take him and I had never had a pet before. I remember the time when he was just tiny and I came home from work to him crying with a spool of thread going through him. A long string out his mouth with the spool and the open end out his bum. So Gross. What end do you pull that from??? LOL

Goodbye Reno. You were very loved, and I hope you forgive me for leaving you a year ago to find myself. Thank you for sticking through the rough years with me. I love you. RIP xoxo



Mama Crumb said...

:( sorry, you had to move on without, Reno & now Reno has moved on without you.
RIP Reno.

Nadiine said...

RIP Reno :(